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Quick, expert advice in the best-selling, easy-to-read format that business readers demand.

"A penny saved, a penny earned." "Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today." Often, the advice that makes the most impact does so because it's delivered in a clear, memorable saying that cuts to the heart of the issue. For business readers fed up with long books that say little, nothing could be more refreshing than The Golden Rules for Managers

Management expert Frank McNair distills the best business wisdom into 119 memorable sayings that speak directly to management issues, then explains the lessons behind the sayings.

  • Paint a Clear Picture of the Target (goal setting)

  • What You Reward is What You Get (providing employee feedback)

  • Employees Will Respect What You Expect if You Inspect (follow-up)

  • A Plan Is Not a Straightjacket (flexibility in execution)

  • The Madder You Get, the Dumber You Are (self-management)


Packaged for visual impact and easy reading, The Golden Rules for Managers is the new golden standard in management guides.

This book is a must-read for business owners and managers who are looking for straight forward and timeless information to improve productivity among their employees.
Richard Brenner
CEO, Amarr Garage Doors


Leave it to Frank to make you smack yourself on the forehead again and again with "That's brilliant!" Full of practical, good stuff you'll use every day!
Jerry Hancock,
Managing Partner
Alexander Hancock Associates


Frank McNair's straight-forward, pragmatic information is to the point, is easy to apply, is relevant and will continue to be relevant 10 years from now for companies such as ours. I use the techniques at my own company.
Chris McSwain,
Director, Global Benefits
Whirlpool Corporation


by Frank McNair

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How You Make the Sale
by Frank McNair

How You Make the Sale: What Every New Salesperson Needs to Know is the perfect book for anyone in sales -- or anyone who has to manage salespeople at any level.  Frank's "8 Keys to Selling Without Fear" can help even the most-seasoned sales pro do a better job for his customer, his company and himself.  And the book is perfect for non-sales employees who suddenly find themselves having to sell to survive.

Explore these keys to successful selling and learn how to make them work for you:

  • People buy to solve a problem; solve the problem and get the sale.

  • No solution = No sale

  • Always diagnose before you prescribe.

  • Selling is like baseball -- if you miss a base, you're out.  If you skip a step  in selling you are out.

  • If you listen long enough, the customer will tell you how to sell him or her.

  • If a feature doesn't matter to the customer, it doesn't matter, period.

  • When in doubt, probe.

  • It's easier to listen someone into buying than to talk someone into buying.

  • You have to earn the right to give 'em a price.

  • Closing is a series of commitments.


How to Make the Sale introduces you to a simple process that walks you from pre-sale research all the way through the sale to follow-up after the sale. Each chapter has questions for application that help you take the information in the chapter and apply it immediately to the sales situation in which you find yourself.

This book is useful for anyone who has to sell anything -- products, services, even ideas to their boss or to their workplace teammates.

No mystery here: McNair offers a step-by-step guide
that promises to take you from being a half-hearted
pitchman to the successful seller of ice-cream to Eskimos.

McNair brings lessons he learned while helping with the national rollout of Krispy Kreme, in a book intended for newbie as well as old-hat salespeople in need of a refresher course. Beginning by assuring the starving artist in all of us that selling does not have to be about shilling for an evil company while wearing a plaid jacket, McNair urges readers to think of selling as a service provided to the customer rather than an effort to dupe the customer into buying something he or she doesn’t want. He dissects how buyers make decisions, gives tips for identifying potential problems and even explains the right and wrong ways to introduce yourself. Bonuses include copious charts and worksheets that allow the reader to think through McNair’s lessons and go a step beyond the printed text, figuring out advanced strategies for him or herself.

A true handbook; will not only provide readers with the kinds of practical tips that are invaluable to a rookie salesperson, but may also make them actually enjoy selling.