Typical Projects

The projects detailed below represent major work we have completed for and with our clients. The list is representative but not exhaustive—we will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

Custom-Designed Training
Meeting Facilitation & Consulting
Project Management & Coaching

An operating unit of a major defense contractor was preparing to roll out a new performance management system to its entire professional and managerial workforce. Project leaders realized the new system would fail miserably unless it was supported by training to build the necessary managerial skills to oversee and implement the system.

McNair & McNair reviewed all components of the new performance management system, as well as the client’s corporate goals, policies, and structure, and then designed a customized training program for the client’s management team to ensure successful roll out and implementation of the new system.


The program we developed included facilitated discussion, small-group exercises, and videotaped skill practice to build participant competence, confidence, and retention.

Then, using the two Senior Partners of McNair & McNair plus three associates, we moved rapidly to conduct the training class ten times in five weeks in three different states. In total, McNair & McNair trained over 120 employees to lay the groundwork for a successful launch of this new performance management system.

PROJECT OUTCOME: We successfully launched a new, high-accountability performance management system that aligns the output of individual performers with the goals and objectives of the entire corporation.

A nationwide specialty fast-food marketer sought to redesign their entire process for training new store managers. McNair & McNair served this client by "owning" a significant portion of this critical project. Using her previous experience in the fast-food segment, Laura McNair served on the seven-person team which brought the project to successful completion.

This project included extensive professional meeting facilitation to keep the task team on-point as they worked through key issues in curriculum content and design.

McNair & McNair was also involved in a significant consulting role in developing and reviewing curriculum, scripts, and learning evaluations for custom-designed, computer-based training modules used in this project.

PROJECT OUTCOME: Store managers are now trained better, faster, cheaper and more effectively, allowing the company to achieve corporate operating targets in company-owned stores and franchise locations.

The country’s largest vertically integrated manufacturing housing supplier sought to heighten accountability and raise competence levels in its field sales team. This result was to be achieved in two key ways.

  1. By implementing a new five-step sales process

  2. By decentralizing sales training from a corporate function to a field-based responsibility

Frank McNair provided project management for this initiative and created a comprehensive program to enhance the training, coaching and facilitation skills of the field trainers. Frank and his associates also developed a handbook for the new sales process and a detailed training instructor’s guide to support the new trainers as they began their training sessions in the field.

McNair & McNair helped roll out the newly developed program in a series of cross-country regional meetings, coaching each of the new District Manager-Trainers to help them leverage their field experience and credibility while developing their Sales Center General Managers and Sales Professionals.

PROJECT OUTCOME: The company now has over 25 professional trainers where it once had three. Compliance with the new selling system has soared, and District Manager credibility with the field sales team is up dramatically.

Developing Procedure Manuals & Project Management
Keynote Speeches
Meeting Facilitation

An inter-departmental task force selected by North Carolina’s Administrative Office of the Courts was charged with developing a new information-management system for all aspects of North Carolina’s Juvenile Justice System. The program involved representatives from a host of disparate governmental agencies, all working together to ensure that their needs were represented, and that the overall program succeeded.

Laura McNair provided professional meeting facilitation to this team, freeing them from getting lost in the meeting minutiae and allowing them to concentrate on their overall objective. Laura first met with this group to gain a full understanding of their objectives and challenges. She then helped shape a working agenda for their time together and facilitated the meetings themselves—keeping the team on target for a productive outcome. Laura followed up each session with appropriate meeting summaries to make sure everyone was clear on who had agreed to do what for whom by when using what resources.

PROJECT OUTCOME: Team members were able to do their work better, faster, and more effectively because they had professional facilitation to help them. Commitments made were kept, and the project reached a successful conclusion.

A significant player in the building-products industry brought together the 50-some operations managers from its regional distribution centers for a national meeting. The managers were together for three days, focusing on the details of operations, and meeting organizers sought an energetic speaker to bring life and enthusiasm to the second night of the meeting.

Frank McNair delivered a keynote speech reflecting the spirit and key themes of the conference, energizing the group and reinforcing messages they had heard in previous operational sessions.

PROJECT OUTCOME: Managers left having committed themselves to change the way they interacted with their employees—the very people on whom the company depends for its success.

A rapidly growing client in the fast-food industry realized that they must begin to standardize and codify the ways in which they ran their business. What was "common knowledge" in one part of the business was completely unknown in another, and there was no single source in the entire company for objective, up-to-date information.

McNair & McNair helped develop procedure manuals that assembled and organized the tribal lore of this business into a single, usable source of information. We coordinated with various departments to ensure they "bought in" on the final draft of each procedure or policy, and edited the final product for consistency and adherence to standard.

PROJECT OUTCOME: Company operating policies were codified and assembled in a format that was easy-to-use for people in the field. Operating efficiency was enhanced as adherence to standards soared.

The CEO of a major North Carolina Credit Union wanted to improve the outcomes from his annual Board of Directors Retreat Planning Sessions. He sought to create significant goal alignment between the Board and the Credit Union’s Executive Staff, and get consensus on key issues for the coming year. Previous efforts at this same project had proven difficult, so he contacted Senior Partner Laura McNair for advice and counsel.

Laura McNair helped design the agenda and activities for a key visioning and action-planning meeting. She provided meeting facilitation and follow-up to ensure that all accountabilities were clear and unambiguous.

PROJECT OUTCOME: The Executive Team and the Board of Directors of this institution had a clear understanding of each other’s expectations, and were better able to support each other in achieving corporate goals in an increasingly-competitive financial market.

Conducting Board Retreats